Kinect projects

Diederen I, Barendrecht M
Single Leg Squat study
HALO, The Hague university of applied sciences
Master Specialized Physical Therapy in sports, Avans+ university of applied sciences

Is the Kinect v2 better suitable as an instrument for the analysis of the single leg squat compared to 2D video analysis using the methodology of Dingenen. Can data produced by the Kinect v2 be used for predicting the occurrence of knee injuries in the population of students of the Academy of Physical Education.

Diederen I, Barendrecht M
Validity Study

The Hague university of applied sciences
Master Specialized Physical Therapy in sports, Avans+ university of applied sciences

What is the validity for measuring the single leg squat with Kinect v2 compared to the  Vicon motion capture system.

v Velthoven S
Chair Stance study

Master Specialized Physical Therapy in geriatrics, Avans+ university of applied sciences

What are the factors that determine whether a frail elderly can get up from a chair. What are the most important predictors for being able to rise from the chair. This study uses the center of mass projection and angle measurement during the sit to stand movement.

Using Kinect v2 for gait analysis in amputees

UMC Radboud, Nijmegen

Project to assess the quality of the gait pattern in this particular population leading to an advise for intensive or non-intensive care.

Knippenborg M, Beumers M 
Kinect as an intervention for frail elderly

Master Specialized Physical Therapy in geriatrics, Avans+ university of applied sciences
Jintronix, Seattle

Determine the effectiveness of an exergame to improve physical function in community-dwelling frail elderly .

Keerssemeeckers D, Dirkx J
Balance measurement study

Master Specialized Physical Therapy in geriatrics Avans+ university of applied sciences
Envida healthcare group

(info March. 2016)

More diagnostic studies using Kinect V2 for Windows:

Geerse DJ, Coolen BH, Roerdink M (2015) Kinematic Validation of a Multi-Kinect v2 Instrumented 10-Meter Walkway for Quantitative Gait Assessments. PLoS ONE 10(10): e0139913. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0139913

Mentiplay BF, Perraton LG, Bower KJ, Pua YH, McGaw R, Heywood S, Clark RA. (2015) Gait assessment using the Microsoft Xbox One Kinect: Concurrent validity and inter-day reliability of spatiotemporal and kinematic variables. J Biomech. doi: 10.1016/j.jbiomech.2015.05.021.

Clark RA, Pua YH, Oliveira CC, Bower KJ, Thilarajah S, McGaw R, Hasanki K, Mentiplay BF. (2015) Reliability and concurrent validity of the Microsoft Xbox One Kinect for assessment of standing balance and postural control. Gait Posture. doi: 10.1016/j.gaitpost.2015.03.005.

Xu X, McGorry RW (2015) The validity of the first and second generation Microsoft Kinect™ for identifying joint center locations during static postures. Appl Ergon. doi: 10.1016/j.apergo.2015.01.005.

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