Developed by M. Schrauwen.

BTWii enables a user to read the data from a WiiMote, Wiimotion Plus and Balanceboard. It will also allow the user to save the data in txt files.

Short Manual

  1. Download BTWii.
  2. Execute the installer.
  3. Connect to the Wii device via Bluetooth.
    1. In case of the balanceboard the time for pairing is very limited and the blue LED will be blinking if it is ready to pair/connect.
    2. In case of the Wiimote press button 1 & 2 simultaneously.
  4. Start BTWii
  5. You can connect multiples Wiimotes and Balanceboards.

Please notice: in order to run BTWii the Microsoft .NET framewerk versie 4 must be installed.

Noortje de Wert used BTWii for here Master Physical Therapy in Sports.  This is her master thesis.